Best Parental Control in Action
Best Parental Control is not just an Internet filter that prevents your kids from entering sites with negative content. It provides a broad range of internet protection for all the members of your family. Such parental control software lets parents to monitor online activities, set the preferred time limits, and restrict access to undesirable internet sites.

Is it possible to manually customize online groups that are too unwelcome? Best Parental Control usually takes a couple of minutes to setup. Every user gets his/her loggin-in details (username and password) with a definite administrator password for one person to set the requirements. The account summary allows you to see at a glance the surfers and which characteristics are triggered for each. You will have to spend some time launching everyone’s controls, but the software system is really user-friendly. More than one computing device in your home? Not an issue - Safe Eyes can be set up on up to three computing machines.

Exceptionable internet sites can be blocked by group, by custom domain name listing or by keyword. In addition to the usual groups of porn, medications, and the like, you are able to also select categories such as e-commerce, school adulterous, weapons, forums, and web sites offering free e-mail accounts or free internet pages. There are thirty-five different groups to select from, or you are able to custom-make your own. Pick out to close up IM's (such as ICQ, MSN, AOL, etc.) altogether, or only use it to supervise conversations. Safe Eyes will put down and store IM conversations either on your disc drive or on their distant server.

Cease observing the clock or nagging. Set the number of time wasted online per day (and on which hours). Once a user’s clock time is up, they're blocked from any further online activeness. You are able to even determine concrete times of the day while online access is controlled.

For utmost control, fix an "approved contacts" listing, and you will ensure that e-mails are just mailed to or got from those on your listing. Additionally it can be used to close up efforts to open multiple e-mail accounts through with different hosts. At a minimum, it backlogs addresses of all e-mails mailed and received.

Afraid of your children handing out personal information? Set up a listing of any data you do not want disclosed (name of your city, their school, telephone number, and so on), and Safe Eyes will put down any happening of these keywords being applied. Besides records any function of profanity or strong terms. It does not stop this info from being mailed, but it will alarm you to it.

At any time, you are able to view usage backlogs for any surfer. Internet sites visited, internet sites they attempted to visit but could not, e-mail mailed or received, instant messaging conversations, and a lot more. You determine what you wish to be recorded and where you need it saved. A big plus is that Safe Eyes will let you store accounts on their host, so they can be accessed from any computing device…great if you are away or at office.