Desktop Wallpaper Management Tips

You are able to shift your desktop wallpaper from the standard supplied image to nearly any image you care to see. You are able to use an image you shot with your photographic camera, a picture you downloaded from the World Wide Web, or a design you produced with a graphics application program.

Using Different Picture Formats

Desktop wallpaper images should be in such formats as TIFF, PICT, JPEG, or RAW formats. Raw picture files are occasionally problematic, as every camera producer makes its own RAW picture file format. Apple habitually updates OS X to manage the numerous dissimilar forms of RAW formats, only to assure maximum compatibility, specifically if you are going to share your images with family members or mates, use JPG or TIFF image format.

Storing Your Images

You are able to store the images you would like to use for your desktop wallpaper anyplace on your Mac. I made a Desktop Pictures folder to save a number of pictures, and I store that folder inside the Pictures folder that OS X produces for each one user.

iPhoto and Aperture Libraries

 Besides making pictures and storing them in a limited folder, you are able to use your existing iPhoto or Aperture icon depository library as a resource of pictures for desktop wallpaper. OS X 10.5 and later still includes such depository libraries as pre-defined parts in the system’s Desktop & Screen Saver preferences pane. Though it is easy to use such image depository libraries, I urge copying the icons you signify to use as desktop wallpaper to a particular folder, separate from your iPhoto or Aperture depository library. That approach you are able to edit pictures in either library without concern about impacting their background wallpaper counterparts.  

Shifting the Desktop Wallpaper

Click its icon in the Dock and launch System Preferences by clicking, or by choosing ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple computer menu.

In the System Preferences windowpane that spreads out, press the ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ image.

Press the ‘Desktop’ tab.

In the left pane you will see a listing of folders that OS X has pre-assigned for application as desktop wallpaper. You had better see Apple pictures Black & White, Abstracts, Nature, Plants, and Solid Colors. You might see extra folders, counting on version of OS X you’re utilizing.

Add a fresh folder to the listing window pane.

The Way to Use Multiple Desktop Wallpaper Pictures

If the picked out folder bears more than one image, you are able to pick out to have your Mac presentation every image in the folder, either in order or at random. You are able to decide how frequently the pictures will change.

Put a tick in the ‘switch image’ box.

Apply the dropdown computer menu next to the ‘Change picture’ box to pick out when the images will shift. You are able to select a predefined interval, ranging from each five secs to once a daytime, or you are able to select to have the image shift when you log-in, or when your Mac awakens from sleep.

To have the desktop images shift in random order, put a tick in the ‘Random order’ tick box.