Enlight Your Desktop with VeBest Wallpaper Manager
VeBest Wallpaper Manager represents a complete and total solution to manage your own desktop wallpapers. With VeBest Wallpaper Manager , you are able to use any of your preferred images as your desktop wallpaper with ease and all your wallpaper settings such as resolution, background color, position, timer, etc) are completely customizable. Get a charge out of more colorful desktop with VeBest Wallpaper Manager right away.

VeBest Wallpaper is a powerful wallpaper manager that provides efficient desktop management, cool wallpaper effects and user profiles with ay possible themes. It also lets you to tailor-make your desktop wallpapers per group by a user-friendly interface with individualized advanced characteristics. The wallpapers effects will advance your desktop by adding more interesting colours to your desktop wallpapers. This enhanced wallpaper manager is a full and extensive solution to switch your desktop wallpapers from one to another.

Switching your desktop wallpapers can be done mechanically with our enhanced wallpaper manager. Everything you need to do is to submit your personal pictures in a list and our wallpaper manager will do the rest by interchanging your desktop wallpaper. You are able to set the time period between every time a desktop wallpaper is renewed. The time interval can be any count of mins: Each one minutes, two, five, ten, one hour, etc. You have an opportunity to also set the succession in which the pictures in list are exposed. For instance, the pictures can be exposed randomly in alphabetically going up/coming down. When Windows commences, the wallpaper manager will begin automatically (if you would like to switch your desktop wallpaper.

Sometime your images have the equal attributes and now, not all screens have the equal properties. More and more desktops presently have wide screens. When featuring an picture as background, depending of the your picture measurements and screen measurements, the image could be distorted. Our powerful wallpaper manager re-measures your desktop wallpapers intelligently, disregarding your screen resolution and the attributes of your desktop wallpapers. As well, our wallpaper manager utterly fits your desktop wallpaper into your screen in the manner which you are able to see your desktop wallpaper in full without any distortion.

VeBest Wallpaper Manager lets you showing your desktop wallpapers from dissimilar groups rather than just an exclusive list. Every group can be custom-maked independently. The groups break your wallpaper listing into a lot of smaller lists, which have general attributes letting you expose your desktop wallpapers in dissimilar creative ways.

Also, the wallpaper manager lets you add desktop wallpapers to your collection instantly from the clipboard. That will save you much time. That is specifically useful if you take screenshots from your favored games, screenshots or only copy a picture on an internet page. This characteristic will annul you a lot of non-useful file handlings.

You are able to keep your desktop wallpaper listing latest with this desktop wallpaper function. If you've moved some data files on disk, which were chosen in your wallpaper listing, the manager will still have connection to the old data file locations and the files won't be discovered. Our manager will find and withdraw empty references for your needs. If empty references are discovered, the dialog demonstrates a list of the withdrawn references. And so your desktop wallpaper collection will always be ready and functional with VeBest Wallpaper Manager.