Numerology Concepts
It’s rather easy to discover your own private number vibrations in the science, named Numerology. There's no more need for any numerologists. As a matter of fact you are able to tot up your own private numbers with ease when you know how.

There are several dissimilar ways for adding up figures in numerology. The most general is the Pythagorean technique. You will merely add up all of the first numbers, and so add up the outcomes till you get to an exclusive digit figure.

Adding Natal Day

Once you work out your birth date number you've got 2 alternatives to pick out from. One you are able to add the calendar month, to the day, and eventually add that to the year. And then sum up the figures in the sequent number till you discover your natal date number. This is simpler than it sounds and really doesn’t require any sort of numerology calculator.

For instance, a person has the natal date 05/18/2000. You will sum up the natal date together as follows, 05 + 18 + 2000, to discover the figure 2023. Sum up the figures in this figure in the following way, 2 + 0 + 2 + 2, to discover the private natal date.

The extra technique that can be applied to determine the natal date figure involves summing up together each single figure in the natal date and the figures of it is results till you discover the single digit natal date figure.

For instance, using the identical natal date of 05/18/2000. You will sum up the natal date together in the following way, 0 + 5+ 1 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 0, to discover the number 16. Sum up the figures in this number in the following way, 1 + 5, to discover the same private natal date figure 6.
Ta da! It is magic. Not actually, but you are able to easily apply either of these techniques without a numerologist to discover someone’s private natal date figure. In addition, it is a distinguished party trick.

Summing up Names

You will as well use numerology to discover the private figure vibrations of human names as well as words. That might sound a bit confusing, as the only place we generally sum up letters is in Algebra classes! Nevertheless, there's a numerological graph that we use to allot figures to letters in each name or word, then we sum up them together.

Here's the graph:
1. A, J, S
2. B, K, T
3. C, L, U
4. D, M, V
5. E, N, W
6. F, O, X
7. G, P, Y
8. H, Q, Z
9. I, R

You are able to easily watch how a name could be summed up numerically by allotting numbers to its letters and toting up those until a single figure is discovered.

For instance, the given name "Bob" has got the figures 2, 6, 2 assigned to it. Sum up them together, 2 + 6 + 2 and you will come to 10. Tote up the fingers, 1 + 0, and you will come up to the private number 1.