Chat Room Monitoring as Parental Control Measure
Web chat rooms can give your teen the possibility to talk with other teens all over the world. But, with the exciting freedom of this procedure comes particular risks that parents must take care of, such as internet predators, strong language and even online sex. By precise monitoring these online chats, you can assist protecting your teen from the dangerous side of the online world.

Let your teen know about the risks of disclosing private information in an online chat. Information such as your real name, phone number, address, should never be revealed out in a web chat room, even in a so-named "private or personal" chat room, where two 2 could enter a secured chat area and talk one to the other.

Tell your teenager about publishing or posting any pictures of themselves that could contain more information on his or her identities. That could include images of cars where the license plates may be easily pictures or the appearance of your home where the number of your house or other distinctive features could be viewed as well. Pictures of schools or local landmarks should be avoided as well.
You need to learn some of the chat room language, abbreviations and codes that are generally used in online chat rooms. Some of the terms are clear such as "LOL" (lots of laughs), "ASL" (age/sex/location), "BRB" (be right back), teenagers have turned much more advanced in the way they talk over the web. You could find some free software downloads, for example, the Teen Chat Decoder, which may serve you to effectively supervise the internet activity of your kids.

All the time, try to communicate with your teenager on her/his Internet activities, and listen to their speculations. If you are interested and concerned about their online presence, teenagers could be less expected to misbehave.

Police all over the world are to combine forces to supervise online chat rooms in a bid to prevent paedophiles from "grooming" young children on the web.

One point is that officers are planning to show a symbol in the online chat rooms they are monitoring.

Supervising chat rooms is apprehended to have been discussed at the assembling 6 calendar months ago with police chiefs that comprise the Virtual Global Task Force. It is great that people become aware of the online dangers and take particular steps.