Video Games and Art
Modern video games today are no longer only entertainment. If earlier they were used only as a means to spend few boring hours and as a way to escape from reality, now video games pretend to take a proud title of being an art form. But are they worth?
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary states that art is the use of the imagination to express ideas or feelings, particularly in painting, drawing or sculpture. It seems that video games share the same fate with cinema which also has become an art form. The producing of video games is a difficult job of programmers, artists, composers and script writers who put their heart and soul into it. Art is a way of self-expression, and in this case video games do not differ from literature and music.  
As well as other kinds of art, video games have different genres, such as Role Play Game (RPG), Action, Quest and many others. Of course not all genres can be considered as art. For example, simulators and races cannot take the status of modern art. In addition to interesting gameplay they should have an absorbing plot, high level of immersion into the atmosphere and vivid characters. As well as in literature each video game has a setting. You can make your fancies real and find yourself in Wild West, in a space station, in a castle of the Middle Ages, etc. A good game is like a good book, you can't tear from it. 
However, not many people consider video games as an art form. In my opinion, the problem lies in a bad awareness of a significant part of the society who were born before game consoles became popular and think that video games are waste of time and money. They still think that their children play Tetris and Pac-Man. 
A video game is a direct development of cinema; it's a story which you can not only watch but also participate in it, which means more emotions and impressions. The presence effect is a sound argument for video games, which even today may compete with films. A true revolution happened when the video game Mass Effect was released. Cinematographic graphics, unforgettable characters, interesting gameplay, excellent sound and the most important thing - the unpredictable plot. It's a game where you have to choose and your choice will have consequences. For example, your two friends are in mortal danger and your character can save only one of them; whom will you save? You make the story. It's not the author who leads you to the end of the story. The end depends on you. 
Nowadays producing computer games is a serious business which can bring much money. The income from one high-class game may be more profitable than a film can earn in cinemas around the world. The game consoles are constantly developing. The more realistic projects will be created, the bigger audience will buy consoles. The logic is that if games are not interesting and waste of money, why do people still buy them? There is more in them that than meets an eye. Modern people don't want only to push buttons, they want anxiety, adrenalin, joy, an interesting story which video games can give. 
It is no doubt that video games will continue their attack and other kinds of art will have to move a little to empty some space. The only problem is that the video games are too tempting and many people around the world can't control their time which they spend on playing. Art is good until it distracts from work and other affairs. It all should be within reasonable measures and there is no need to spend all free time only on this art. People, especially young ones should not forget about literature, music, drawing and cinema.