Birthday Numerology: Who Are You? (Part 2)
Birthday Numerology: Who Are You? (Part 2)
Sixteenth - Laziness is just what they like! Should always accompany their hunches. Sharp. Wants to work where they could always be around others and communication is what they aim at.

Seventeenth - Conservative, adjusted in their methods, drawn to the past tense. Being history teachers or copywriters is their cup of tea.

Eighteenth - These folks are 'nearly all things to nearly all humans, both religious and conservative. About always have more than 2 jobs as require something to rely on!

Nineteenth - Can retrieve from nearly any setoff! Always aiming out at bettering themselves - which they could as of their masterpiece thinking! Expected to have a career where they are able to do things their own path!

Twentieth - Can be moody, does not like to be on their own, must defend versus being walked over! Most beneficial working in a modest corporation that's got a 'family feeling' to it.

Twenty-first - Born lucky! A flair for the spectacular and loves the public eye! Really interesting folks. Sales must be a perfect career.

Twenty-second - Tend to dreaming. High anxious tension, with psychical leanings. Should work where he does good to others.

Twenty-third - tender and empathizing souls who treat their freedom rather highly. Interested in chemical science and physical science.

Twenty-fourth - Alive and frequently restless. Obstinate and argumentative. Just needs everybody to be felicitous!

Twenty-fifth - Really philosophical, nonrational, have to wait so to achieve their success in life. Most beneficial working along within the metaphysical scientific disciplines. Twenty-sixth - Have an up-and-coming approach to lifetime. Co-op and fantabulous organisers. Would act best in full-grown industry.

Twenty-seventh - Innate leader, caring, erratic. Have a great tendency to travelling and transporting so would do be a success acting in this field.

Twenty-eighth - Most probably of all birth dates to turn a Millionaire. Strong-minded and independent. Most beneficial working with a cooperator in whatever they select to do.

Twenty-ninth - Up one min and down the following. Really inspired and a true friend with an intellect. Could make a perfect clairvoyant.

Thirtieth - Magnetic and fantabulous mimics. Conscientious. Could make popular Actors.

Thirty-first - Disciplined and at the same time rather adaptable. Could makes mental marks of who's merciful to them and who is not and then rewards consequently! Would make beneficial heads.

I hope you have enjoyed learning your birthday Numerology!