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Google Translate app for and Gmail for iOS adds more tools


Google Translate appAndroid users can rejoice with the good news that in the Google Translate app, Google has now added offline language support.

This new addition is for all devices running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above. Thanks to this new feature, you can access fifty languages even when you are offline. On your part, you should just choose the languages you want and download those packs to install them.

Go on, open Google Play and look for Google Translate. It is absolutely free!



Gmail for iOS adds more tools

While the design and core structure of the Gmail app for iOS are more or less the same, Google has enhanced Gmail for iOS with a number of new tools. Now organization and browsing of messages is much easier than before. Listed below are some of the best changes:

  • If you want to jump between messages, you just need to swipe in the horizontal direction on your iPad or iPhone.
  • You can sync a maximum of five Gmail accounts now!
  • There is a new search bar thanks to which you can search your entire inbox as well as the folders using just one term or the name of the contact.
  • You also have the Action Bar now, which enables you to organize a number of messages together. Select the messages you want and then mark the unread, delete them, archive them, or spam them out!
  • Once you create a message, you can add a number of attachments. You can even include a drawing in the app itself. However, only those images that are in your camera rolls can be attached.