VeBest Numerology - Change Log

V7.6.4, Sep 2017 (Everywhere version only)

- Support for 44-99 master numbers calculation.
- Ability to add own readings for 44-99 master numbers.

V7.5.5, July 2017

- Improved interpretations;
- Improved report text style;
- User interface improvements and bug fixes.

V7.4.0, May 2017

- New Numerology Interpretations;
- Reports style improvement.

V7.3.3, Oct 2016, ... 7.3.34, Nov 2016

- Reports style improvement;
- Report editor style improvements and fixes;
- Report editor - ability to hide personal images and images for full report;
- Additional bridge numbers interpretations;
- Input date format customisation in settings;
- User interface improvements.



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