VeBest Numerology 7

Ve Best Numerology software is intended for those who would like to use numerology for both professional purposes and for individual needs to foresee all your unfavorable days and situations you get into, thus bettering your lives.

VeBest MoonLight 2

Here you will find the most detailed moon sign calendar for your Health & Nutrition, Mood, Business, Hair Care and Gardening.

All these stuffs will be accurately calculated and interpreted for your personal location.


VeBest Answers Oracle

Works on basis of your covered psychic powers. Use psychic power to hear and experience an object, fact or an event using your intuitive means. Use Yes or Not oracle, percentage, colors, generate numbers and throws dice.





Shell & Desktop Enhancements


VeBest Icon Groups

Great tool for desktop icons organizing. Main features:
- Desktop icons management;
- Circular and linear groups;
- Icon stacks;
- Selectable themes and colors.


Free Wallpapers

Take advantage of high resolution and quality wallpaper database.



Graphic & Multimedia


VeBest Movie Manager 7

- Easily organize your CD/DVD/Blu-ray/VHS/HDD videos using online movie databases.
- Automatically scan your hard drive for all available video.
- Take advantage of powerful processing script to download all movies, tv series, actors information in any selected language.
- Organize your media placement using shelve view.


VeBest Artistic filters

- Watercolor (effect of watercolor painting);
- Cartooning (conversion of image to cartoon version);
- Neon glowing edges (photo will be transformed to neon glowing edges image);
- Extend details (reveal smooth details and add sharpness);
- Cutout (decrease of color numbers, effect of old poster printing);



Old products